Connect your software solution to any lock or access control system

We build integrations with every lock system we can find.
Then we let you control them with the software of your choosing.

Combine locks and software to automate your operations in hospitality, property management or other access-based business.

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How does INLET work?

The software system notifies INLET that access has been requested

INLET programs access information into the lock

Access information is
sent to the customer

The customer can open
the lock on their own

Learn about INLET from
your perspective

Create the user journey
that’s right for your customers

Booked access

When a customer books an object in your software solution, Inlet installs a unique code in the lock at the right time and sends it to your customer. Codes are automatically changed when a new booking starts.

Regular access

When a customer wants to access their office space, gym, or garage, they can simply open their app and click a button to open the door instantly.

One-time access

When a customer wants to use a meeting room, washroom, locker or similar, they can scan a QR-code and receive a link that will open the door a predetermined number of times or within a certain timeframe.

Fully open access

When a customer books an event venue or sports facility, all locks can be set to remain open for the duration of the booking to eliminate the need to share access codes or put objects in the doorway to keep it open.

How to
get started?